Holiday gifts time is almost here!

Holiday gifts time is almost here!


And wouldn’t you know it, I am out of ideas. So I went searching for gifts under $50 so you wouldn’t have to!

I have curated a list of some good holiday gifts to give to your family and friends that won’t 1. break the bank and 2. are pretty healthy over all.


Have you seen the new covers for the Mt. Moriah series? Well, here they are!

Book One

Book Two

And last but not least, book three, my new creation that is coming for your holiday reading pleasure!

Now where was I? Oh yeah, holiday gifts OTHER than books…who even does that? but I digress…

These are a few of my favs…

  1. A fruit basket. We all usually have guests over and this is a great way to leave snacks out and allow even the kids to have something healthy. Believe me when I say your family and friends will thank you! You can get one here for about $30.00:
  2. Neck pillow. I have been doing some traveling lately and the ride on the planes was made a whole lot more comfy by having my neck pillow. They are also great for when you have to sleepover at someone’s house. Get yours here:

3. Computer glasses. Since we all spend most of our time on the computer, it makes sense to use glasses that will eliminate the glare that causes us to have eye strain. Get it here:

But really… I want you to go buy my books. That’s a gift that everyone will enjoy!

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