Hiking Trip part two-The Hill

Hiking Trip part two-The Hill

So, I left you last time as we went into the woods. It was a major event in my life. My very first hiking trip, and at a middle age where most people are just getting comfy in their recliners with the remote. I decided to heck with living cozy, I want adventure. Well, let me tell you, I found it.

Even Darby, my little Chihuahua questioned my sanity (see the image-she is asking me what am I thinking)

I told her it would be okay, and we would have a good laugh over this event in days to come. (We haven’t exactly done that yet. )

So, off we went, down hill and over dale, and through bushes, and across streams, until we reached the hill. THE HILL. OMG. Yes, it is worthy of all caps.

The Hill will be something that I speak of in holier than God terms. It is MASSIVE and straight up.

The fellas paused there and told me to sit down and drink some water. I swallowed hard and asked, “We climbing that?”

“Yeah.” They were covering their chagrin. I guess it had become obvious after I had slid down an incline on my butt that I was not the best hiker they had ever encountered.

I sat. I drank. I stood and faced my nemesis. Straight up.

This is not THE HILL but it was a pretty place beside the Sipsey River

“We have to climb that, no other way?”

“Yep. Our camp is up there on that ridge of rock.”


So, with trekking poles in hand, Darby with Rambo in the lead, Bucko behind for safety, I began my ascent. It was literally and physically the most difficult thing I have ever done. EVER. In all my born days, as we say in the south. And I failed.

About 1/3 of the way up, I slid face first into the dirt, elbows in, knees down. (Still have the bruised knee two weeks later.)

I gave the pack to Rambo, Darby was on her own, Bucko picked me up, and I climbed with trekking poles and true grit from that point onward. I seriously thought I would have a massive coronary right there near the top. My fellas just kept encouraging me with “only a little more”, “just a few more feet”, they said.

When I stood at the top of that ridge, I wanted to cry. I made it. I was disqualified though because I lost my pack. That was no way to hike, I told myself. I was a failure. My fellas did it with their packs, and mine, and a dog. I was so mad, I looked down and spit. You will not beat me you pile of rock and dirt, said I.

(Sorry, I realized too late that I didn’t get pics of the hill, but when I conquer it, you can bet I will get plenty).

That is not the end of The Hill in my tale. I had to descend it the next day.

So be sure to check back.

and if you are planning on a hike, check out these great trekking poles!

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Next time, camping on the ridge over the waterfall and my first night out in the wilderness and what happened. BEEEEEElieve me – it was exciting.




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  1. you know…this is the best thing you could have done for yourself…I would have trouble with the waterfall tho…all that running water..would have me wanting to go potty TOO often!! LOL!!!

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