Here’s another busy Sunday

Here’s another busy Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! I have been very busy getting stuff done for my digital life. I have learned how to produce my podcast audio and video and believe me, it was not easy. My sweet husband has been doing it for me all this time, but he is soon going to be unable to do that, so I had to learn. I never realized how much went into the editing phase of production.

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When I tell you I will be glad when he is well enough to take back that responsibility, I really truly mean it. There are so many opportunities for mistakes, and in the hands of a newb like me? Oh dear.

Anyway, I have been working on that, I have produced TWO podcasts for you for the coming week, the fabulous Jennifer Anderson, and the fantastic Janie Franz, will be on Writer Groupie this week so make plans to listen and or watch.

I would like to remind you that the audio only version of the podcast has an introduction recording now that isn’t on the video. If you want MORE great info from me – have a listen to the audio feed. You can subscribe to Writer Groupie podcast on iTunes if you want just an audio podcast. And of course, if you are a video fiend, as I am, there will always be that on Youtube at the WG channel. I would love for you to go out and have a look or a listen and then RATE or REVIEW the show. Those ratings and reviews on iTunes and Youtube are very helpful.

Okay, then, what else have I been up to? Well, just this morning I found the cover art for my next YA book, the romance I have been working on called Puppy Love. This image is just perfect and I cannot wait to get it done up for you.

The writing on Puppy Love is going really well, too. Since starting a spreadsheet to keep up with word counts, I am totally hooked. It keeps me on track, makes me accountable. And of course, when I am on a time frame like workday mornings, I will set my TeamVis timer and go at it. That is the most productive 25 minutes of my day. You should try it!

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I have also begun a non-fic that I hope to present in the new year. So many of you are just getting started on this writing journey and you have so many questions, I felt it was just a great thing to do. It will be a PERMA-free booklet here on the site so if you are an aspiring writer plan on getting it.

2016 will be a busy time here so I hope you will keep following along-it is going to be a great deal of fun. In the latter part of December, I will post up my 2016 goals and discuss how this year how gone, and how I hope the new year will go.

Until then, have a great week everyone!


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