Help an author out

Have you ever wondered how you could help your friend, the author, out? Well, the wonderful and brilliant John Kremer has made quite a comprehensive list. I read it and said (out loud) UH HUH…UH HUH…UH HUH…So I guess you could say I really agreed with him.

Here (in a nutshell) is the list:
1. Buy the book. Now, this should be a no-brainer, but I guess some people need to be told? I guess???
2. Buy the book SOONER — and I took this to mean, if there is a pre-order period, BUY IT THEN!
3. Order the book from an Indie book store so that will help the author get the book in that store.
4. Recommend the book. LOL, again, some people need reminding.
5. Tell your friend what you liked. Authors need encouraging.

And the rest of the list is here:
Book Market dot com – go out and have a read. But please come back here and tell ME what you think!!

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