Happy Spring Cleaning!

Happy May Day! What do you traditionally do to celebrate the passing off of winter and the welcoming warmth of summer? I know some people do all that in April when the official start to spring is, but really? It’s usually still cold in April and some folks still get snow! So…I am celebrating spring in May. I have a spring in my step haha.
So, here to celebrate the newness around us…let’s get organized.

Spring cleaning

You know you want to freshen up that office and get it whipped into shape. A lot of us start new projects with the changing seasons, so here for you are some great products to get you started on the organizing journey.

These are affiliate links, so I do make a few pennies if you buy any of them, but let me just say, THANK you! Click on each of the items pictured to take you to their place.

And… isn’t this a handy little gadget? You can get your tape and other necessities all put into one spot. NO more hunting for the scissors!


And how about this? Very pretty coordinating items for the desk by Laura Ashley!


Oh, and by the way, you TOTALLY need a new chair. That old one? Yeah, the one that has your butt imprint? Ditch it and get a new one — these are LESS than $100 bucks!


Ever wish you had something more sturdy than that old paperclip? Check these out!


You can never have too many Post-it notes, right? And here in a variety of great colors, in one bundle, is a link for you to get all your heart desires.


Well, now that you have gotten all the supplies you need to buy for your newly organized, clean office…how about sitting down and getting some writing done? I have just the think for you … a WRITING MOTIVATOR!

Try using this in a story or book: *thanks very much for the list from @youarecarrying on Twitter…go out and follow them!*

a cloth sample, a wet overcoat, a side table, food, a lariat (no, you left it with your coat), a Doberman pinscher.

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