Happy Thanksgiving!

And things to be thankful for…

Let’s all lift a toast to the waning of another year. We’re still here. I’m thankful for you. All of you. Those who read my books and those who hang out with me on social media and those of you on my newsletter list. You are amazing and I love you all.

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Now to the post-so- have you heard the news? CVS is closing 900 of its stores over the next three years due to the ever-changing landscape of that type of business.
this is a common practice now.

They say they have done research and it’s going to be mostly a digital landscape in the years ahead.
Well…what does that mean and how does it relate to a writer??
Stick around and I’ll tell ya.

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It’s pretty much the same thing that happened to the book industry back in 1994 when Bezos decided to get into the digital age. His actions forever changed the industry as far as how we read. Ebooks are so common nowadays that we hardly notice the idea of it anymore. But there was a time when it first kicked off that the world spun on its head over it.

This is the birth pangs of a digital change to pharmacies and that industry. I imagine we won’t have to do anymore of the old passing a paper script across the counter to a white-coated person anymore. I suspect that it will all go from the computer at the dr office straight to a database that pharmacies connect to and collect the scripts from.

I’m not a wizard or anything but heck that just makes good sense. So does refills and texts saying “hey Kim come get your pills”. Which my pharmacy already does.

It’s a new day yall. Goodbye brick and mortar stores for pharmacies. Hello online stores and electronic scripts etc.

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