Happy New Year – Welcome to 2015

Happy New Year – Welcome to 2015

As I have been busily outlining a new SCI FI novel for my readers and fans, I have taken a break to read up on some of the things people think might be a big deal in this new year. Believe me, 2015 will be a year of innovations. New creations, new methods of marketing, new nouveau. Isn’t that what is great about a New Year Day?

But there was a video I came across that simply blew me away. It is not a new video either. Posted on YouTube way back in 2013. When you see it, you will immediately wonder what this guy has been up to since it was put up back then. Since he is top of the line for innovating, I am certain he has not stayed idle.

So, here is the video for you to watch and go OMG. Enter strains of the Twilight Zone theme song.

Happy New Year!

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