What happened to my great idea?

What happened to my great idea?

I’ve recently come up with an idea, and it’s the BEST idea I’ve ever had. I have spent all of my time thinking about it. I’ve eaten with it, slept with it, and breathed it in. But, now that I have invested all this time and energy in it, suddenly, I am languishing. Does this happen to you?


I’ve heard this is a well-traveled road by many creatives. A lot of times it’s because of five ravens that caw and claw inside our heads.

“I’m stuck.”
“I don’t know what to do.”
“I’m lazy and don’t want to do more.”
“My ideas suck.”
“Someone else is already doing this.”

If you’ve ever had any of these thoughts, you’re not alone. Here are some helpful ways to get back on track:

I’m stuck 

Remember the elephant rule! Eat only one bite at a time. Sometimes when our actions move ahead of our ideas, we cannot see the road.

I don’t know what to do

Go back to my last post about concept maps and write everything out. You cannot go wrong with having some organization to help you.

I’m lazy and don’t want to do more

Chances are good that you are not being lazy so much as you are being overwhelmed. Go back and redefine the idea. Was it such a thrilling concept? What about it jazzed you? Get back to the basic idea and try to find where you went wrong.

My ideas suck

No, they do not—you just need some motivation.  Remember that this is FOR MONEY. Let your financial situation be your goad-er. Get inspired by someone else who is doing what you want to do. Ask them for help!

Someone else is already doing this

The last time I checked there is no way to copyright ideas. You can look into what others are doing. You can make your idea fit into that concept. Be as original as possible, but don’t drop out because someone else is doing it. Believe me, Pepsi didn’t stop just because Coca-Cola was on the job.

So, there you have it. Usually, there is no such thing as a failed idea. There are only failed plans to ENACT an idea. Get thee up and brush thee off, and get thee to thy computer and try try again.

(and post your struggles and comments, they are welcome!)

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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  1. I think this is very true for creative people…not just writers….I see a lot of what you say..in my husband the artist…..I know…I help to “push” him along at times…when I met him over 30 years ago..he had no pusher” and did very little…compared to now…
    It is tough , to push yourself….a friend helps….When I have been too sick, or..too busy…am not pushing…he reverts back to “pre- me!”…The creative mind must be going 24/7…..but getting those ideas OUT….is not easy….
    Asking for help…is a great suggestion….I think women are more apt to ask then men….
    I DO know….working with, helping, creative people….is a gentle thing…..your brains are wired so differently then those of us that cannot color without a picture already there and colors numbered!!!
    I admire these brains…..even if it is hard for you…..you still have a special quality..going on there…not everyone has…
    I like that thought of getting back to the basic concept..what got you jazzed….something I will keep in mind for my husband next time he is “stuck”.

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