Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Have you ever heard or read this before?


“30-Day Money Back Guarantee!”

“If you’re not totally satisfied, send it back and get a refund!”

“100% Guaranteed or Money Back!”

“Customer satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back!”

Guarantees are used pretty much in every field, but they aren’t there just for support – they’re used as a mind-game trick of selling and savvy marketing.

A Buyer’s MIND: Who likes a guarantee?

As a seller, a risk exists that your item will fail, or fail to appeal. It might be something that a consumer doesn’t like AFTER they purchase. It’s just a fact of the business. Using a money back guarantee offers to the customer a chance to be refunded if the product isn’t what they wanted after all. I used to sell makeup to ladies through a home sales sort of business…and the fear I always had was that someone would be allergic to it! Glad there was a guarantee for the consumer to get relief if it didn’t work out for them!

I would be willing to bet that the people who research this stuff have figured out that if a producer offers a guarantee, they will get more sales. I really believe that you do. I mean, I would be more willing to try out something new to me if I thought I could get my money back if it didn’t work out. Wouldn’t you?

There are other guarantees that offer stuff to the consumer to regain their patronage, or to repair any damage that might have been caused through a bad ordeal with products or services.

These are called lose-win guarantees – and you hear them offered with things that are bundled. Like get three toasters for $129.99 and keep the can opener for free. That means even if you send back those toasters you don’t have to send back the can opener because it was a free gift. So even if you lose, you win.

The sales you make at a garage sale are final, though. No money back. No guarantees. A man bought a table from me for .50 because it had a broken leg. He planned on fixing it. I said okay, as long as you know, you buy it, it’s yours. He was fine with it.

I have sold some crazy stuff at sales recently. Stuff that I never DREAMED would go. Not that I am complaining. I certainly am not.
Hope your weekend is smooth sailing.
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