Going on vacation Deux edition

Going on vacation Deux edition

Remember when I said I was going on vacay? Well, that didn’t happen due to sickness. Hubs and I came down with a nasty bug, NOT COVID.

Post about that here

Y’all remember colds? Yeah, those nasty bugs that invade your space and turn you into a tissue tossing monster who cannot do anything but lie around and moan about congestion?

Yes, it was like that.

But! Here we are a few weeks post bug and about to HIT THE ROAD! In fact, when you read this, we will more than likely be driving toward our destination. It feels so surreal! I mean, it’s been over a year. A VERY LONG year. We have grandkids we haven’t even met yet!

So, if you would, send up some good travel juju for us. I do not want ANYTHING to delay or ruin this trip. We both are so excited and looking forward to it.

I have worked so hard the last few weeks to try to catch up with my writing goals and to stay on top of them. I didn’t do a lot when I was sick, (I did do some writing!) so my word count is behind. Still, I will make the final stretch with this current book by the first part of June. It is going to be a Christmas story, set in the Mt. Moriah series, and I am very excited about it!

Also, the teasers and cover reveal will happen in the JUNE NEWSLETTER for the ZANIES before anyone else gets to see and get a taste of BOOK TWO which has been titled The Inn on Main Street in the Mt. Moriah series. If you haven’t signed up yet, you really need to do that! I am going to be giving away TWO COPIES of the first book, IN THE HOLLER, in the JUNE newsletter!

You can go to Amazon with this link to check it out (this is an affiliate link and I may make a few pennies if you buy)

Watch my social media feed to see if you are a winner (Yes, you DO have to sign up to get your name in the hat!).

Anyway. I digress.


I am so excited to be going on home to the MidSouth. I hope all my friends who are reading this are marking their calendars and making plans to get a visit in with me. That’s really the hard part of trips that are so short. Not enough time to see everyone.

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