Goals for the end of the year

Oh yeah, I have been talking about looking for an agent for awhile now, but recently, got my ballooned head handed to me.(and I love the gals who did it! No, I am not MAD! I needed to be told that this book is still improve-able and not ready to be sent out yet! seriously, when I think I might have sent it on submission and ended up so sorry-I sort of shiver a little)

Now I see how is better to work hard through the end of the year on the rewriting. Make it a better book not just a good book. *I cut all the extraneous whining here* — work hard.

I mean, I’ve had to do this before. Avenging Angel went through a total metamorphosis several times. I have had major rewrites before. This is nothing new. Though any writer worth their sand will tell you it is the toughest part of writing. A good writer rewrites. It’s just the way it is. LOL, it IS what it IS.

It’s like that old saying, “eat the elephant one bite at a time”. Okay, enough cliches.

So here, I am making a list of goals.

For the rest of October, I am going to work on editing Loran Rudder. I am going to make my crit partners cheer with my amazing edit/rewriting skills.
November I am going to write at least 50,000 words (I am going to do Nano this year. I am going to get that “i did it” badge!) –for those of you who do not know, that is like 200 pages!
December I am going to take off. I have to. We have so many birthdays and parties and holiday events to go through that month, I would be a very poor writer. I am taking December off. I will read a couple books and do some reviews, and work on letting the well fill back up again, then start off with 2014 in a good spot.

Yes. I like this.

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