Goals and what they mean to you

Goals and what they mean to you

Goals and what they might mean to you

Have you ever noticed words inside of words? I have. Like GOALS – it has the word GO in it. And DIET has the word DIE in it. Yeah, well, I never promised you I wasn’t a weirdo. But, we do play mind games with ourselves sometimes (like seeing words in words!) If you are like me, seeing GO in GOALS made me a little more motivated. I wanted to share with you.

How to take a big goal and turn it into little smaller bites

First, make a BIG GOAL-an over-arching one. Like, make $100.00 this month from something other than your job, or walk a mile so you can get much-needed exercise, or how about change your diet.

Then, you can break it down into smaller components like clean someone’s house, pet-sit, or have a garage sale to make the cash. Or set mini-goals that you can obtain by getting up and moving such as start out walking to the end of the driveway and back, then go to the first mailbox, second, third. Make a goal of changing your diet and then begin working for the smaller bits.

Believe me, this is what I did and it worked.

My big goal was to make $$$ from something other than my job. I didn’t put a limit on how much. It meant activating the GO in GOAL but it worked.

Between my get started money for the sale, and what I made, I can buy groceries and get gas for my car and it will not come out of my bank account! That’s an accomplished goal, and this is just the first weekend of April! *I am a little bit of an overachiever, haha* (I did have to work for it. I had to battle spiders and ants in my storage building, go through oodles of junk stored in my office and set it all up and sit with it all day).

But hey, I did the go in goal and it worked for me.

So, try this, you guys. Make a goal. Say you are going to walk one mile by the end of April. A mile walked starts with a few steps. Then goes to .25 of a mile, then .50 of a mile .75 of a mile and wham! You are there.

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Maybe you need a goal to watch your diet…then, start by purchasing only veggies and yogurt for lunch (I buy Pictsweet frozen veggies and whatever yogurt is on sale…but I love Light and Fit GREEK! )



That’s a small break off of your big goal because to change just one meal of your day, will benefit you over time in giant ways. I went from 173 to 156 in a few years just making this ONE change in my diet. And think of how great you will feel if you make your goal?

So, take baby steps to achieve your goals. You shouldn’t try to do all of it at one time. Eat the elephant a bite at a time, right?

Now that I have managed to show myself what I can do when I GO for my GOALS – I am off to make a new one…like…I don’t know… Get more email subscribers? If you haven’t shared this site with your friends, why don’t you? I would love to have them come along for the ride. Yeah, the more the merrier for sure! And remember, if you subscribe to my email list you get a free excerpt from a work in progress of mine.


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  1. I have been a goal oriented person, most likely from the day I was born!!! I suppose I picked up on it from my mom..she was very organized, and set goals, for herself, her clubs, her kids…planning parties..and it carried over to me….I learned to have a big picture of what could possibly be the end goal..and then break it down into little goals , easily achieved in short periods of time….Even when given a huge problem…I internally start planning..breaking it down…to make it a do-able goal….
    My husband..sigh…is SO opposite me…..I have learned how he thinks and works…he does well with very small goals…things he can do in a day, or two…that eventually work into a finished larger goal…just the way he thinks….give him a huge problem..and he will sit on it for centuries..my job is to help him, help himself, that helps US.
    This is a natural way for me…done it since I can remember…
    Many many times, I will get a notebook, and write a title of the goal, then list the steps, and any ,oh, stuff, we need to make, buy, find…fix…for those little goals…this has been real helpful for hubby…..and it helps me too…I tend to forget !We mark things off…it acts as a shopping list too..if we need to buy….
    Down the road, over the years…this notebook has come in handy when we cannot remember when we did something…easy to look it up….We have lived in 3 houses in 32 yrs….had one for each house…when we sold the houses..I could show the buyers when things were done…from flowers to trees, to roof or floors…
    We are hopefully in the house we plan to die in!! LOL!! So our goals are slower paced!!! At the end of each year, I check to see if we skipped over a few..or left a few steps out..and if they are important..we squeeze them in..and if not…mark them off…
    You never know for sure..just WHAT all is needed for any goal..you have an idea of some things….but…stuff happens, stuff changes..so you have to have flexibility in each step…the “just in case”, and maybe it was not really needed to begin with…

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