Goal-setting for writers

Goal-setting for writers

It’s already almost mid-November! Before we know it we will be buried in Christmas shopping, wrapping, and decorating. I do know of one person who already has their tree up, so it might have begun already in your world.

So, when I say NOW is the time to begin putting ideas down on paper for your goals for 2016, you understand. We should be working on next year’s goals before all the hurry and worry of the holidays takes over. If you are anything like me, you won’t have any time or mental room for it later.

I will be posting up my year-end/year-beginning goals probably late in December, but I am working on them now.

What are some things to think about concerning goal-setting?

Well, I like to think of it as a kind of word game. I use the word BRAIN.

B is for bulls-eye – in goal setting we should make our goals the very center of our plan for the coming year. Whether it is in marketing, publishing, writing or what, make it center-focused.

R is for readable Рit has to be something concrete in form Рsomething that we can READ every day and say okay, I am on track. Put it where you will see the  goal every day.

A is for accessible – the goal has to be something that we can do. If we make the goal to sell 1 million copies of our book, well, that isn’t very accessible. Make it something real, because otherwise you won’t try to obtain it very hard.

I is for important – make your goal important to you. If it isn’t the center of your goal focus, easy to see, easy to access, well, it is logical that it won’t be very important.

N is for now. Make that goal something that is immediate. Make it something that you must work on NOW. Make it an every day goal.

and lastly, work on this. I have to do things in bite-size pieces but over the course of a week, month, or year, I usually make my goals.

Leave me a comment or question below if you have a goal related interest.

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