Gifts for the Writer You Know

Gifts for the Writer You Know
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I always have a hard time buying gifts for the writers I know. Maybe you do too. Here are a few things I have found that might be a hit however. Hope you have as much fun checking them out as I did!

1. Story Skeleton – by Tin Fish. An APP in the iTunes store that will allow a writer to story-map and organize stories on the go.
good for iPad and iPhone users. $8.99

2. The Amazon Fire HD tablet – 6″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, Front and Rear Cameras, 8 GB or 16 GB and all under $100.00

3. The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos Paperback – Michael Freeman This is an older book but it is still relevant. Writers are visual people. They see with their mind’s eye. So do photographers. $18.82 on Amazon

4. Audiobooks – get a free trial at This is totally worth the $$ for an author. We are readers too, and oftentimes too busy to stop and hold a book. Audiobooks are the bees knees.

5. Scrivener – yes, again, you are being told that this is an awesome tool for an author. It is. I use it. Trust me on this. They will love you. It has a free trial too, and when the trial period is over, it is only $42.80 tax included. Do this for the writer.

And that is my best guess at this moment. I hope it helps you. All of these can be ordered online and you never ever even have to leave your chair.

Merry Christmas.

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