Get over it

So, let’s discuss the nature of getting published by the big world. That bright and shiny world called NY publishing. Quite a different animal from doing it yourself.

It’s hard to get their attention.

It’s mostly, “thanks for asking, but no our lists are full”. I feel sort of like how can a lowly author ever know when it is a good time to submit, if the lists are always full?

When I was at the festival recently, the bathrooms were always full. Now that sort of ‘always full’ I get, right? But this full list thing, argggg. But really? I do get it. I mean, gosh, how many gazillion people are out there trying to get a book published today? I am a tiny fish in a big old lily-covered pond. And despite the news that says that EVERYONE is going the self pub route, I think NY is getting its usual share. I do not think that has changed.

Someone recently said that if Barnes & Noble booksellers goes out of business, it will be the game changer for NY. But I am not so sure. I mean, yeah, getting my work on a physical shelf in a bookstore, that’s cool. But NY publishers can get us on the best sites on the net. They can get us on the FRONT page of the best sites. And they can keep us there for a little bit. That is, to me, even better. I love bookstores, don’t mistake. But everyone is buying digitally these days. There are places on Amazon that I can not get to-promo-wise- just because I do not have the resources.

NY publishing is STILL the gold standard, y’all.

And I am going to wade in. I really am. As soon as I locate my badge of courage.

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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