No Garden Party

So, after posting the last post about wanting to get an agent and go for the gold, I started working on my query letter. Ugh. I am focusing on Loran Rudder and the Secret Key because it is my first YA novel in a while, and it is what I consider to be sort of different from what is out there…sort of. At least the common thread between all of us writing YA is different. It is NOT paranormal, nor dystopian. I have been researching the market, and I could be wrong. There seem to be some books like it out there, but competition is good, right?

Writing a query letter is hard. Harder than hard. It ain’t been no garden party, let me tell you.

ain't no garden party
ain’t no garden party

I thought to post my query letter here, but now that I reread it, I don’t think it’s ready for prime time. It needs work. I have given it to my critters and hopefully they will have some input. I will keep going at it, try to figure out what it needs. There are a ton of good places to learn how to snag attention with a query letter. Maybe I will be lucky!

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