Friday Check In

Friday Check In
What I did this week, aka- was I very productive this week?

It’s always fun to check in with where I am and what’s coming down the pike. Here is a short list of my week so far as my life goes these days:

  1. Created cover art for In the Shadows
  2. Created a blurb for In the Shadows
  3. Created cover art for Schooled in Murder
  4. Uploaded In the Shadows and set the release date for today (GO GET IT NOW!)
  5. Began promoting In the Shadows here and on Facebook
  6. Wrote blog posts every day this week like this one
  7. Created and sent out The Zanies newsletter (are you a subscriber?)
  8. Went to my real job and worked every day except Monday which was a holiday
  9. Went to the gym twice this week
  10. Began planning for next week’s free giveaway of Disk of Death (you should be a subscriber to the blog too!)

Annnnnd….I think that’s it. I sort of like this idea of checking in on Friday to see what I have done.  I feel like I accomplished a lot, but in reality, I didn’t get any NEW writing done. That’s really equally important and something I need to work on. Book four is waiting in the wings, and book three needs one more edit. Never enough time! Can you feel me out there in writer land?

Well, next week will be a full week (no holiday) and I won’t be so distracted with shiny new stuff like a release (and don’t you love the cover for In the Shadows?) – but I will have a free book day that is a big deal (if you haven’t gotten Disk of Death yet – this one is for you!)

… so here’s me lifting my coffee cup to coming events. Hope your Friday flies right by!

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