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Free offerings: Are they really free?

Is free ever really free?


Well, that depends.

We have become a universe of consumers. The free-world leads the pack, but those “other” countries that used to be dark and unknown have risen up the ranks. In every place that can see or hear content, the natives are consuming.

And because we are now a bunch of raving fans of content, the years-old question rises again.

Is free worth it?

First, let’s examine what “free” is. What does that even mean? I believe it means a piece of content, be it podcast, video, or text, that a consumer can have and hold or listen to or read, that doesn’t cost them anything but time. (so is free really free?)

It costs something to someone even if the amount to pay for it is zero.

So, asking about its worth is hard to really question. Is it worth it to you to invest in thirty minutes of your time to listen to my podcast, Writer Groupie? It costs time, so it isn’t really free, is it?

And likewise, that free ebook that you downloaded gleefully because there was no monetary amount attached to it will cost you time also just to read it. 

Not to mention the time it took for the writer to write it, or the podcaster to create it.

So, free isn’t ever really free, in my honest opinion. It costs something to someone at some point. But it is TOTALLY worth it. I love giving stuff to my readers. I give away free podcasts nearly every week. And free blog posts like this one nearly every other day.

So, content creators keep giving stuff away to you hungry people. And we will always do that. Because if we want you to ever SPEND a dime on anything we create,  we have to. Your appetite for content is so great that we have to give you free tastes of things before we lay out the meal. We want your appetite whetted so that the repast to come is one that will have you gnawing on your computer screen.

Yes. I am leading up to something.

I am about to drop a new newsletter for those hungry Zanies. I am about to release the new cover art for Book THREE in the Shannon Wallace Mysteries. I am about to tell them the TITLE of book three. I am about to get them salivating. 

Then, later, like right before it releases… I will tell you. Oh, yeah, YOU who haven’t signed up, yet. YOU who says, oh no, I am not giving out my email address. YOU who thinks having a fake address is the way to go because you won’t ever be bothered by content creators like me filling your box with offers.

YOU. WILL. NOT. BE. INFORMED. Until, I am ready to give you the goods. Meanwhile, the Zanies will be preordered and primed for the next and BEST book in the series. 

So whattareyawaiting for? If you sign up today, you will get a free spooky short story perfect for a Halloween read. 

And if you are already signed up…thanks! I love my Zanies!





Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.