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I haven’t blogged in a few days due to life getting in the way. Sometimes we just have to take care of our family and do those work things. But I haven’t been idle.

I have gathered some great sites for you to visit now that Christmas shopping season is here. These might make your gift-giving a little easier.

CANOPY is a great site that has awesome DIFFERENT things to look at – and best of all? It is all from Amazon!

Grand St is a creative technology site for those techies in your family. I promise you will find SOMETHING that appeals to them.

Also, for the ones out there who are always seeking news and tools they can use on their own sites and social media, here is a site you may not have heard of. It is news of a kind appealing to the youth of our day.


And of course every household has someone who is a DIY-er and I know I do. So this site is for you guys, God bless you.


I hope this has given you some places to visit and bookmark and use during the rushed season ahead.

I will have a real post coming soon! AND that big announcement that I keep alluding to.


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