Five helpful sites to build online presence

Five helpful sites to build online presence

I thought it would be a good idea to list a few things that are helpful if you want to be successful online. They are tools of the trade, if you will. This is certainly not a complete list by any means, but it is one that I can nod at for you. And guess what? I DO NOT GET affiliate $$ from any of them!

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Website design

If you want to have a blog, I can recommend WordPress for your blogging platform. It is the platform I use for all my sites. And once you have a site using WordPress, you can get the great gadgets that come with it, called plugins, which are cool and can help to customize your site. We all need an online presence, right?



If you need help setting up your WordPress site, let me know. I can help do that for a small fee.

Website Hosting

I use InMotionHosting for my website/domain needs and they are always available for questions 24/7.

I also hear Bluehost is good. And with so many people saying so, it must be true.


For your email needs, please feel free to check out the one I use Mailchimp. They are really good and you can get a free account up to (I think) 100 email addresses. Heck the way I see it, if you have over 100 accounts you are emailing to, you need a paid for account.

There is also Aweber, and I hear good things about them as well, but not sure if they have a free option. Check them out online.

Analytics for your site

If you want to keep up with how well your site is doing, try using Google Analytics. That place is amazing and there is a link you post on your site that gets you all the latest and greatest details.

I used to use Alexa but they changed their format and now I don’t.


And oh yeah, there are a bunch of good theme sites – StudioPress, being one and and ThemeForest and Elegant Themes – all of which I browse and drool at often. I wish I could afford one of the premium themes, but alas, not yet.

Well, I hope this little linky post is of some use to you. If you want  to add to the list, please do in the comments below.



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