New group forming for first time novelists

New group forming for first time novelists

So, I started a Facebook group for beginning writers. It’s called Writing the first novel – and if you are a newer novelist, please feel free to join us. 


LINK: Writing the first novel

I figured that there is something to be said for those just now getting their little stubby toes in the “write a book” waters. Some of us old heads seem to forget that there are newbies coming into the industry every day. EVERY DAY.

What advice do I have for aspiring first time authors?

Well, first off, you can learn a lot from other writers. Check out my podcast, Writer Groupie and listen to the advice for aspiring authors that my guests give. I always ask that question of every guest. It’s sort of my way of making us all look at our journey and pay it forward.

Next, read. Good grief- how do you even know what you want to write if you never read what’s already been written? That’s a no-brainer.

Anyway, some of the best advice I ever got was from an author who completed her first draft just about this time of the year in 2010. She said “I think I need a rest” when she came to The End. And that is great advice. When you write that initial draft you should let it rest. Don’t you DARE send that out yet! It’s got to be edited and revised before anyone else gets to look at it.

I know you think you are the exception to the  rule.

We all do.

We are not the exception, believe me. Trust me on this one! Let that manuscript rest, and go on and do something celebratory for about a week. Then come back with fresh eyes and dig into that baby and rip it apart. Take out bad sentences, crush flat paragraphs.

I know it’s hard, but you have to do it! 

Okay, so, y’all come and visit the FB group, Writing the first novel and let’s chat!
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