Fighting the Monday blahs

Fighting the Monday blahs

Mondays, blah. Who needs ’em?

My dearly departed mother used to say, she hated Mondays. I didn’t get it until recently. For some reason I do, too. I find myself feeling the dislike building on Sunday night. On Monday morning, upon rising, I am besotted with Monday blahs.

Maybe it’s because I know there is a never-ending pile of work to be done at the evil day job. Anticipating work is never a happy thought.

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It could be because (like every worker bee in the world) being chained to a job doing something that makes money for another entity (and not myself) can be a little depressing. Oh, if only I could be a stay-at-home-worker-bee.

We need something to wrench us up out of the doldrums, folks. So, here is my advice to you, dear readers – to get over the Monday humdrums. I hope it helps you and works well for myself, too. We all need a lift.

Five things to beat the Monday blahs

  • Get up earlier and spend time doing something you really enjoy doing. Even if it is for no longer than an hour, you will feel like you have given yourself some time
  • Make a routine and stick with it. Sometimes our lack of organization is why we are ill at ease.
  • Get more sleep. This goes without saying, really, but try to go to bed extra early on Sunday night. You’ll be amazed at the way you feel on Monday when you have gotten a little extra shut-eye.
  • Plot points throughout your day as benchmarks to get to until you can go home. I do this alot. For instance, I plot a point to 9:30 AM and a new round of coffee. Then I point to 1 PM and lunch and then 3:30 and a snack, and viola! before you know it, it’s 5 PM, time to go home. I also look forward to Monday night being my television viewing night. I don’t do anything on Monday after work that I don’t want to do. It’s my “night off”.
  • Finally, sort of mentally ignore Monday. Block it from your “it matters” list. Get through it and past it and remember-you now only have a four day work week.
  • BONUS: Give yourself a day off, folks. I really take Monday night to do nothing. I usually watch sit-coms, and fall asleep on the couch until I wake in the wee hours and go to bed. Well, it sure works for me!

    Happy Monday!

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