February: Love Month

February: Love Month

February Love Month

and other interesting facts about romance!

In the month of February, the love month as it is sometimes known, there are a lot of romance writers busily writing their latest work. I know I have been one of them! Would you be interesting to know that romance books has a cool and long history?

Who wrote the first romance novel?

Georgette Heyer is given the credit for penning the first romance over in the UK and our very own Kathleen Woodiwiss is given the nod for the first single title romance in the US.

What does “romance” mean?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a romance is, “the feelings and behavior of two people who are in a loving and sexual relationship with each other”.

Who is the best seller of romance novels?

According to a site I found, the author said that a woman named Marie Corelli took this honor by selling more books than famous authors such as HG Wells, and Rudyard Kipling. I never heard of her before!!!

So, what interesting tidbits do you know about romance novels? Do you write them? Do you read them? What is your fav?

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