Exercises for the writing mind

Exercises for the writing mind

Every great once in a while, I pick up a book and begin reading it straight off my bookshelf. It may be one that has been read many times or it may be one that has never been read. Recently, I did this and found a great writing help book. I had never read it, so it was like new and fresh to me. And to be honest, necessary. I needed to read it.

The one thing that sticks in my mind about the book (name withheld as it is not relevant) is that the exercises in the book sent me into a writing whirlwind. I haven’t been turning out a lot of new stuff-limited really. But when I read these little tweakers, well, I was off and running.

Has this ever happened to you? Has some innocuous little something happened to you that sent you to the writing desk and you remained there for hours? Isn’t it great when that happens?

It was also helpful that the weather turned Mid-South nasty and I got two days off from my job. After relaxing and napping and literally refilling my writing well, this book and these exercises were exactly what I needed. I hope it helps you as well!

Writing Exercises

So in order to pay it forward, I will be happy to do for you what this little book did for me. I am going to give you a few exercises and maybe you will have as much success as I have had.

Remember, write at your own speed, try to put in as much detail as you can from memory, and do NOT EDIT!

Write about an incident where you were made to feel like you were not as good as others.

This can be a personal recounting, or maybe you want it to be totally fictional. It’s up to you!

Write about a pair of gloves.

What came to your mind just now? Did you envision soft supple leather? Rough cotton? How about boxing gloves? Again, this is up to you.

I hope these two little exercises gets you going in the right (write!) direction.

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