Exciting announcement: The Mt. Moriah Series

Exciting announcement: The Mt. Moriah Series

Hi everyone! I am lifting my head from my writing desk because I am **ALMOST** finished with In the Holler, the first book in my new Mt. Moriah series.

This series is something that I have been working on steadily since the beginning of the year. I may have mentioned a new book in passing one of the last times I posted but if not, here is your notice.

You can thank Sarra Cannon for this series. I have taken it into my head to write FASTER and thanks to her insights on planners and planning and plotting a series etc. I have finally found my groove. Thank you, Sarra, for all you do for authors.


Mt. Moriah is a small-town romance series with some women’s fiction feel good storylines. I call it ROMWOM– and no you cannot steal that. I just came up with it and now it is mine forever. ***COPYRIGHT!*** hahahaha…maniacal laughter.

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In the Holler is all about Hope and how she comes to grips with her past, her mother’s past, and where she goes from here. Especially since Joe has turned up in Mt. Moriah after tragedy strikes his life. The two of them have to understand their own demons before they can find happiness with each other again in the small region where they spent long hot summers in each other’s arms.

A proper blurb and teasers will be coming soon!!!

I had most of the first book already written, but when I realized it could be a great series, I got really busy, really fast. I outlined the second book in January and am already over 24k into that one. I will likely do a 60-90 day release on these books this year. I am looking forward to getting into the third book now, they are so much fun to write!


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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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