Excerpt two: the sidekick

Excerpt two: the sidekick

Well, did you like the first excerpt? The boyfriend? Yeah, I know. Good stuff huh? Well, here comes the second one … the sidekick. He is a gay, black, beanpole with attitude. And his devotion to the main character is unprecedented.

I hope you enjoy these excerpts and teasers to get you ready for the book, Deadly Array. And I am totally NOT stuck on this title. If anyone can come up with a better one, let’s hear it. Until then, enjoy!

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Excerpt two: The sidekick

“You getting hungry?” Dwayne asked.

I thought about it. “Yeah, actually I am.”

“Let’s go get our grub on, and maybe we can piece together a plan.”

“You up for a trip to the Underground? They have food, I think.”

He smirked. “I see the hamster racing around on that damn wheel in your head again. What’s at the Underground?”

“Maybe Charlie Fine. He hangs out there sometimes. I would love to trap him into spilling his guts to some broad. If that falls through, I plan on following him after the funeral service tomorrow. You up for a little surveillance work?”

“Sir Vay Lance is my code name.”

I saluted him with my beer can. “To finding this weirdo and getting my stuff back.”

He clinked it with his empty one. “Cheers.” After a few swallows, he asked, “Ever been to the Underground before?”

“Nope. Don’t know anything about it except what I’ve heard on the news. Why?”

He sighed, pulling his nylon basketball jersey out of his waistband. “I went one time before I found out it’s a drinking hole frequented by fat, white, straight dudes with trucker hats and belt buckles the size of Texas.”

“Sounds like you had a bad time.”

“Yeah, one of them had long hair and an attitude. I don’t relish a return visit. If I see a dude with a long ass earring that reads ‘My mama can whip your mama’, I am so out of there food—or no food.”

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