Day 12 – Errands and stuff

Day 12 of my 25 Day Challenge (find out why I am doing this here)

It was the best of times, and I did VERY LITTLE. I went to breakfast with my hubby, had brunch with one of my besties, attended a book signing where most of my writing buds were in attendance, and ate at a bistro. Then I went to a Halloween party, saw some sweet relatives, met up with my hubby who got finished with his video shoot early. WE went out for a long date night not getting home until like 2 AM.

I didn’t stop a moment all day long, except during meals, so I did NOTHING toward my goals. I talked about books but I didn’t do anything creative. I did get a few pages of reading accomplished, while waiting on food, guess I will count that.

I DID, however, walk a lot and stand a lot so I am counting that as exercise. I am also counting all the blogging I did on Day 12 as writing. I queued up several.

I know this is a boring do nothing post, but sometimes a writing life can be this way.

Writing = 8
Reading = 8
Writer Groupie = still at 4 and another boo hiss
Exercise = 1

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