End of Year Reflection: Love What You Have Done-Comprehend What Didn’t Happen

End of Year Reflection: Love What You Have Done-Comprehend What Didn’t Happen

End of Year Reflection: Love What You Have Done-Comprehend What Didn’t Happen

Goodbye 2016!

As writers, we all tread the same path, and the end of a year punctuates our successes and failures.

I love how we can plan out our goals and follow up on them, success and loss. Many of you have kept me accountable with what I wanted to accomplish and what I managed to do. As the year wanes, I am certainly having moments of reflection. I did some things right, and some were just not done.

It’s fun to tell my blog followers when I make a goal and keep it, and also, when I can be upbraided for not making them. I hope you are doing this also.

Here is my goal post for 2016 if you want to refresh yourself with what I wanted to do.

Accomplished in writing/publishing

  • Published Disk of Death in ebook and print in February 2016
  • Finished edits on book two which took the title Yew to a Kill – also published it in print and ebook in May
  • Finished book three- Schooled in Murder- and published it in ebook (print will likely be next year) in November
  • Wrote two short stories/novellas as part of the mystery series (you can get the CHRISTMAS HEIST if you subscribe to the newsletter) In the Shadows came out in October
  • This item was not listed in my goal list but it was a goal of mine —- Double my 2015 income – did this by end of October (in fact, I quadrupled it)

Accomplished in personal development

  • Went to two cons – as a panelist and speaker which broadens my ability to do other work as a writer
  • Attended more than five webinars to learn new skills as an indie author/publisher
  • Took my health and weight loss seriously and lost 12 pounds in 2016
  • Continued to visit with other authors once a week in a mastermind group

Things that I did not accomplish

  • I did not get to Bouchercon in New Orleans, and I really would love to attend either that con or Killer Nashville in 2017 – (wouldn’t it be great if  I could do both????)
  • Provide more book reviews and contests – I just did not have enough time to manage to do this. I love to read, and do know the value authors place on solid reviews, but I took all that energy and funneled it into joining the team who judges a local book contest. I think it is an even swap. For the contests, I just did free giveaways mostly. They work just as well!
  • I did not get to expand Writer Groupie Podcast as much as I would have liked. I am considering re-branding and re-building it in 2017. It is either that, or monetize it, or give it up entirely. Stay tuned!

So, that is about all I have on reflecting back on the year gone past. I certainly do have plenty to think about for the new year ahead! Check out my Goals for 2017 post coming in the new year!

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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