End of the year is looming

End of the year is looming

The end of the year 2014 is looming ahead in only two weeks. Then we will be off on a mad adventure called 2015. I feel like I am on the precipice of a Dr. Who episode. What will transpire as we open the Tardis’ door and peer out onto a new and unfamiliar landscape?

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Well, I don’t think we will encounter aliens. Not yet.

But in 2015 I do hope to bring you some new cool stuff. I have already updated my books read page, because I do not think I will finish another one this year. I have amazed myself at how many books I read in 2014. It was a great reading year both for print and ebooks in my world.

I also decided some weeks ago not to continue with podcasting One Time: The Adventures of Sarah because I felt like doing 25 episodes gave the potential reader plenty to interest them in the book. If you want to know what else happens to this interesting little girl, then please go out and buy this book. You can get it here for Kindle: ONE TIME — and if you HAVEN’T listened to the 25 episodes of the podcast of this book, you can do so on this site and also on iTunes at the Writer Groupie page.

Speaking of WG-have you gone out and subscribed to the iTunes page? When I upload a new podcast, if you are a subscriber, it will automatically add the new episode to your subscriber page. You will never miss another episode! And you do not want to miss any in 2015 as I will have some GREAT guests.

And please do not forget to sign up for my email notification list, here on site. You will get an email each time I upload a new blog post, and so you won’t miss any of these either! And there is always the NEWSLETTER! IF you are not a subscriber to my newsletter, you are missing out on being the FIRST to get new release info, giveaway info, and free download info. And other great stuff you will love-but you HAVE TO SUBSCRIBE!

Also, in 2015 I intend on revamping the site (again). I am considering going all blog. What do you think? I don’t know many authors with a static front page anymore. We will see. And so it goes…

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