End of year goals

End of year goals

I am trying my hand at setting bi-monthly goals, and using a planner to keep track of them as well as my moods and habits. It’s working so far, so today I thought I would share my end of year goals (since it is now November, they will also be bi-monthly goals).

Why set them at all?

Well, as someone smarter than I has said, it enables you to look forward to your future when you are planning them, and look back at your past to see your progress. But I personally believe the key to goal-setting and accomplishing them is WRITE THEM DOWN.

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In November, because of Nanowrimo(National Novel Writing Month), I am pretty singularly focused on writing goals. I really intend to finish this WIP (work in progress) this month. The first draft will be done. Finis. Arrivederci, first draft. Buh-bye. (as of this blog, I am at 44,075 words aiming for at least 90k)

If you are a writer, then you already know that NANOWRIMO word count goals are about 1670 words a day-times 30 days=about 50k. So, as you can see, this is totally an obtainable goal.

What are my other goals?

Aside from that, I have many things that are waiting to be done in my every day life, such as reading, taking the dog for her shots, and traveling north for holidays this month. I still try to journal every day, exercise every day, meditate every day, and so forth.

I do not really have trouble with most of those goals, as since I am what you call, sort of retired, I have plenty of time. But I do feel that by writing down goals and keeping a planner, I won’t forget anything, and I won’t waste time which is precious to us all.

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I am addicted to one program on satellite television, but I won’t go into that. It is my guilty pleasure, and one that I also plan for *stars and hearts*.

My life is very full, albeit not with job-related things (unless you are counting writing as my job, which my husband DEFINITELY does). It is taking me a little while to accept that this maybe the very definition of my life now. I am a writer.

I have always said that was what I wanted to do, and well, now I have it. No longer is obtaining a writing career a goal. It is now a reality. So, looking at it from that perspective, I guess I can strike it from my bucket list. (click here to see more of my bucket list items)

Are you goal-setting? Planning for a prosperous 2020? Share it below in the comments!

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