Email newsletters and the “list”

Email newsletters and the “list”

Email Newsletters aka The List and what they can do for writers

Everyone is talking about email newsletters and how they can, and oftentimes do, increase your reach as a writer. Most gurus in marketing will talk on and on about your email “list” and how you should have one and what you should be doing to make it even bigger.

But sometimes we forget that there are people out there just getting their feet wet. They have no idea WHAT an email list is…or what good it can be to them.


I admit, I am not a good email list person. I do not utilize my list to its full potential, and this is something that I am probably going to regret. 

So, that is what the purpose of this post is. Get you interested in email lists, or newsletters, and thereby rejuvenate my own desire to do better with mine. See? There is always a method to my madness! *evil laughter*


This is where you offer something to guests of your site, for their email address. They sign up to get on the “list” and(sometimes) receive a gift and regular updates on what you are up to- like: when your next book is coming out, or  where you are going to be speaking. Content in the newsletter can contain a blog post that you think is important to your fans. It ultimately should entertain and educate.

Now, you may be thinking WHAT on earth would anyone want to hear from me over? Maybe you are still working on your first book…and you really don’t have a lot to say in such a format that isn’t already covered on your blog. 

Well, that’s sort of the beauty of it. 

You can GET them interested in that book by talking about it more in depth. Offer them a free chapter, or deleted scenes – give them something that makes them interested in YOU the author.

Why do I need an email list?

Glad you asked.

  1. You can communicate information to those fans who subscribed to your list on a more personal level. Always give them info before it goes on your website. They are special!
  2. You will have it from now on. Social sites might thrive and fade, and means of getting onto your website might come and go, but email really is NOT going anywhere. It is truly the BEST way to keep in touch with your people.
  3. There is money to be made through your list. These fans will buy those books you get them interested in. Just be sure to not OVERWHELM them with emails every day. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

And that’s pretty much it for now… if you have any ideas of good things to include in an email newsletter – post it up below in the comments.


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