Email LISTS: What are they good for?

Email LISTS: What are they good for?

Used to be all the rage was social media and how it was a built in audience. But then, we quickly learned that connections on social media can be fleeting and even non-existent to those we connect with. Unless you go that extra mile to make that connection into a relationship, you probably will not go far with it.

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So how do you turn a connection into a relationship?


Today I am going to ask you to start one, help me build mine, and some pointers on building one.

START TODAY! Yes, you heard me. If you haven’t begun building an email list, then you are missing out. Your email subscribers (also known as newsletter subscribers!) are visiting your site and leaving and how will you get them back? They are potential readers, folks. They could be your tribe, your true fans. And they just left your site, with no strings attached.

Which is why I want to build mine (again!). I had quite a few subscribers in my list before the site got hacked. Now – not so much. I need your email! I cannot send you the hot news you need about my upcoming series without your email. Even if you have subscribed before, you have to sign up again because since the site got hacked, I have likely lost it.

So, how do you do this list building thing?

First, you need an provider to help collect, manage, and maintain your subscriber list. I just got a free account with Mailchimp, obviously free, because until I have a lot of subscribers, I don’t need a paid account. But that’s the hope…that I get so many I NEED a paid account.

So, if you don’t have a provider, there are many out there. You can get Mailchimp, Mailpoet, Aweber, etc. All of them are great tools to help build your list.

This is a very deep subject and I am feeling like I need to give it a lot more blog space, so I am going to do a series of posts on email list building.

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