Elden Ring and George RR Martin together?

Elden Ring and George RR Martin together?
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I don’t get excited about epic or high fantasy too much these days. But Elden Ring caught my attention. You have to admit the trailer is stellar. And when I discovered that George RR Martin is one of the world-builders, ie. contributors to this new venture, I had to take a longer look.

The question was raised, what exactly does GRRM have to do with this new game? Well, on my first run of research for this blog post, I found that he is, in fact, creating the world that the game revolves in and giving the other contributors or makers, something to build from. Some say he is the equivalent of a dungeon master’s guidebook.

So, Kim, what do you think about Elden Ring?

My initial impulse was oh heck yeah! Then I sat back on my heels a little and remembered some wise advice I have heard. The advice goes: if you want to know what will be the next “big” thing in movies and books, look to what is coming out in games. That advice has been switched around a mite too. Sometimes they say to look to Hollywood for the new books, and some say look to the new books for the next movies.

However it comes out, I believe that maybe with GRRM’s contribution to this venture, we could see an uptick in EPIC and HIGH fantasy returning to books and movies.

There, I said it. Call it wishful thinking, but come on. Don’t you miss the great classical authors of fantasy and their work? Tolkien, McKiernan, McCaffrey, Boyer, and Kurtz? (those were the books closest to me, so not a good list nor complete)

It would certainly be a worthy endeavor for agents and publishers to start trying to produce new works of this vein. There IS A READERSHIP! I am one of them!

Why is Elden Ring being talked about so much?

It was talked about in 2019, but people forget. Because today, it was trending again. And because it is coming in 2022. It is new and it is powerfully, deliciously, advertised. Teased, I would say. Don’t know about it? You can see the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCIXZpAkQ-8&t=15s

It’s epic, it’s got a great story line and it is in the realm of GAMES which will draw a lot of attention. Come on NY PUBLISHING~!!!! I wanna sell you MY fantasy. It fits these lines. Bring them back!

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