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Have you ever had a vivid dream and just knew upon waking that it was meant to be a book?

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I have.

The problem with me was that as soon as I downed my first cup of coffee, I forgot some parts of the dream and by the time I was eating my cereal I wasn’t even sure what the dream was about any more.

My very best advice to your success in writing a book from a dream is: WRITE IT DOWN. A lot of writers keep a journal by their bed and they write down the dream as soon as they wake. I have even heard from people who write it down in the dead of night while still mostly asleep just so they don’t forget the important stuff.

I would like to see a show of hands amongst readers as to who has written a book from a dream?

How about just a scene or two?

I truly believe that sometimes dreams are just the inspiration we need to get a start on a story. I have had some doozies believe me, and if I could just remember them, they would be best sellers, so be sure to write them down! Maybe in a subsequent post I will write a snippet of a dream here and you can see what goes on in my head. HAHA. Like the inside of a writer’s head is a good place to visit! I am going to keep a dream journal this week and see what happens. Tune in next week for the results!

By the way, keeping a dream journal is easy. If you like to have specific details on keeping one, go out and Google dream journals and see what others have written. Just reading what others have done might inspire you to write a book!

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