I don’t get Twitter, how do you USE it?

If I have heard this once, I have heard it a thousand times. People just do not get how to use Twitter. And that in and of itself is funny. You don’t have to “use” it. It’s a social site, people. You just have to be SOCIAL.

These are a few things NOT to do on Twitter:
1. Tweet only what you had for supper.
2. Tweet only reviews of your book.
3. Tweet only advertisements to buy your book.
4. Tweet only your own blog posts.

So how CAN you use Twitter to make a difference?

So glad you asked! And it couldn’t be any simpler…

Tweet what you would like to see more of. That’s about it. If you would like to see more posts about nature, then be the one who does that. If you would like to see more tweets about football, then go on and post up a few. Be the change you wanna see in the Twitter World…it’s okay. We all love good content so if you find some, please share! And be a retweeter once in a while. We will love you for retweeting something of ours once in a while. Twitter is great for sharing stuff.

Just do us all a favor and make it relevant, helpful, and not so much about you and your book. A tweet or two a week about your book is perfect. We will be happy to retweet that much. But when your entire Twitter page is filled with nothing but reviews about your books, and links to sales pages where your books are listed…you have lost me. Probably forever. I care about you as an author…but I get bored with all the my book my book my book tweets. I would love to know what places you travel to, what books you are reading, etc. So hey. This is how you “DO” Twitter.

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about a twitter account, mostly for sharing things I find interesting. I don’t think as a marketing tool it would be something worth the investment of time, if that was the purpose. Time…just never enough of it.

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