Disk of Death will be in AUDIOBOOK FORMAT

Audiobook format means you can finally hear Shannon speak. You can finally hear Dwayne shoot down her wild ideas. You can finally hear Salvador Ramirez plead with her to let him be the cop.

audiobook coming soon

Do you like to listen to audiobook format? Me too! And it has taken me so long to find someone who could create voices to match my characters the way I hear them in my head.

Well, guess what?


She is Rebecca L. Black and if you are seeking an audiobook author to work with, she is your gal. She’s fabulous and can do all sorts of voices.

Here is a snippet of her voice, and the intro to Disk of Death. I am so excited about this coming soon. It is up for audiobook format approval with ACX and as soon as it is approved and ready for your listening pleasure, I will post it up here!

If you haven’t read the book yet, here is the link for that.


Here is a link to one of the posts I wrote when this book came out.

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Here’s the link:

This is the latest video uploaded as of the time of this blog post.

Happy Friday!!!

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