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How about an excerpt from Disk of Death? I haven’t done that lately. This will give you a little info on where the book’s setting is and how Shannon feels about it at the moment. And for more hijinks and shenanigans, subscribe to my newsletter over in the sidebar.

From Disk of Death by Kim Smith

I live in the oldest part of South Lake, Mississippi, over by the middle school. The apartments are designed into quads, two up and two down, with a central staircase on the outside. I opted for an upstairs efficiency, making life harder for burglars. South Lake, as a general rule, is a pretty safe place to live, especially since our closest neighbor is Memphis—the top of the FBI’s list of most dangerous cities. But a girl can’t be too careful.

Also, I didn’t want anyone stomping overhead. And I wanted a view, which ended up consisting of the parking lot on the backside of my place and the swimming pool on the front. Beat the heck out of overlooking the dumpsters.

I eased out of the car, one eye squeezed shut against the light and the agony of a pounding headache. No way to stroll nonchalantly into my place when my legs still wanted to wobble. With a death grip on my purse, I slumped up to the apartment. As I stood outside the door, I considered my dim outlook. The five thousand would be enough to keep me going for a little while, but I would have to acquire a job soon. I like being able to shop and eat.

My prospects reeked like my smoke-drenched clothing. I didn’t have any special skills other than the usual business/office assistant stuff. Typing, filing, and computer operation wouldn’t pay very well once you got down to it. I might as well be a Donut Hole clerk. I kick myself mentally whenever I remember passing on a computer technology degree.

Since leaving college, I’d done everything I could think of to make a living. I’d gone to beauty school only to discover I’m allergic to hair dyes. I’d sold cosmetics at home shows but ended up keeping the products for my own use; when you have to buy a beauty kit for $300, you want to get something more from it than setting it on a table and letting strangers gawk at it. I even worked at the Pampered Poodle Parlor as a dog-washer, but after spending more time wet than dry and leaving every night wearing the scent of Eau de Stinky Dog, I gave up that plan.

Working with Rick had been the answer to my dreams. Fine, Fine, Fine Furnishings paid decent wages, offered good benefits and friendly, albeit a bit gossipy, co-workers. As a bonus, I got to use some of the business courses I had taken in college. Where was that sense of accomplishment now?


Now I was just a big failure.

I shoved the door open with more force than necessary. It bounced off the doorstop and flew back to smack me.

Damn it.

Disk of Death is the first book in the Shannon Wallace mysteries.

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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