Denouement-What is that?

There is a lot to be said about denouement, but for the edification of those not in the familiar with French words, we should start with the pronunciation.

Denouement – DE sounds like the DA like in DANISH
NOUE sounds like NU
MENT sounds like MA or MOI

It took me a while to be able to say it too. The word means, resolution or conclusion and it is the wrap up of a novel. Denouement means finis, the end. But as we all know, the end is something that we already know in the beginning of our writing of the book, so in this case, figure out your denouement and work that way. Getting to the end is easier if you know where you are headed.


Writing the beginning of a book is hard, but the ending can be equally as difficult. Don’t get danced on by the denouement. I am sort of in love with that word now.

Denouement. The End. (of this post)

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