December wanes and woes

December wanes and woes

Here we are: middle of December. It’s not like we don’t get here every year or anything, but this year, with a pandemic raging worse than ever, it feels different.

I have gotten the house all nice and decorated, made Christmas Stollen, shared it with others, bought gifts and made cookies twice.


This is a very INAPPROPRIATE language video, but it is a little true.

I have a few theories.

We can’t go anywhere. There – I said it. We want to go to see family and friends, but like a bad child who has been grounded, we are remaining home, and sheltering like it is April all over again.

So, what are you doing this year? Are you staying home? Are you traveling? Please be safe, everyone. It is not the time to throw caution to the wind. A lot of people have the virus. It is devastatingly real. I would not want any of you to get sick. Especially in December at holiday time.


On another happier note, I am zeroing in on the final writing of the current work-in-progress. Did I tell you about it? It’s a family saga/romance, and it is likely going to be the beginning of a series. I have already been drooling over cover art because I am not going to do my own this time. Amazing I know, but I want the series to have a branded look. I think using a good cover designer can get that for me with a lot less stress, and time being consumed. I need to be an author, dang it. Cover design takes time. Time I need to be putting into promotions of this new series. So, that’s that.

Am still waiting for my editor to return the fantasy book to me for more work. That one will be on submission next year, or I will bust a gut trying. There are so many books in me to write, also, that I feel a bit pinched for time.

Guess that means I need to stop procrastinating, and get busy. Have a happy day, everyone. WEAR YOUR MASK!

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