Blogs: Are they dying or dead?

Blogs: Are they dying or dead?

Deadblog–sounds like a bad horror movie

I recently went out and tried to find writing blogs or author blogs to post here for you in a list form. I found a most disturbing trend when I did my research and decided THAT was what needed to be shared instead.

I visited two different sites. One : Top ten sites for writers and the other was the best author blogs. On both of them, I found 404 errors, old sites not updated in YEARS, or information that just wasn’t interesting and shouldn’t have been on a blog for writers. I was appalled.

But then I found out why.

Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites have taken the place of blogs for a lot of writers. They have either moved on and found a lot of success and didn’t need the blog, or they have decided it is easier to reach their audience via social media.

Cue sad music.

Are blogs a dying breed? *creepy monster head rising — eek! deadblog!*


Used to be we could go out and find popular blogs and leave a comment and start a conversation and make new friends. Now we have to do that via social media. Nothing wrong with SM really, but on a blog, I feel like a special member of an exclusive community.

I understand how authors today cannot spend all their time posting on blogs and social media and writing books and articles etc. — there just isn’t time. (even though I have written nearly EIGHT blog posts over 500 words each this long Easter weekend!) – guess I am a dinosaur. I really like blogging and I really like reading blogs.

But anyway, here is a short list of good blogs that still exist and are wonderfully written and helpful.

CopybloggerProbloggerThe Creative Penn

And I know there are a ton more that escapes me at the moment. I hope you, dear reader, will not give up on me. I will keep my blog going if for no other reason than because my mind won’t rest until I do.

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