Day Two: UGH

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Well, it is almost over. I am finally geared up to go on the retreat. I spent this day of the 25 day challenge, being challenged mostly. Work was busy as always, it is gift card season at my job and they are knocking me out. The weather was terrible, rain, and mist, and clouds, and cold. Oh my. While I did write blog posts, and read some of the current book I am reading, I didn’t get any editing OR exercise done. Yeah, I know. I suck.

But yanno, this whole challenge thing is teaching me a lot. I know what my weaknesses are now. I know that if I come home from work and plop down on the couch and turn on the boob tube, I am totally done for the day. I will not get anything done. And if I come home and start doing housework, I am equally as dead in the water.

The only thing I can do is set aside a specific time, and set a timer. Say eight PM, and promise myself I only have to work for an hour. If I dedicate myself I can get a lot done in an hour. This retreat will be great. There will be no distractions unless I make some. No need for timers or set times. There will be time for EVERYTHING! That is why I am glad the final day of this challenge is the day I am traveling to my retreat place. I can kick the retreat off with a good plan and end this challenge with a bang.

So, since it is winding down, don’t forget that the SOCIAL MEDIA TRIAGE series starts on Saturday 11/08/14 and you will not want to miss a single post!

I leave you with some fun music.

Editing = 9
Writing= 18

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