Day 9- Moving along with goals

Day 9 of my 25 Day Challenge (find out why I am doing this here)

day 9-moving along with goals
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Day 9 was a pretty productive day. I read some of the romantic suspense book I am reading (see my reading list for 2014 here ) in the morning. And trotted off to work. I consider the walking I do at work as a part of my exercise, but since I have been doing it so much, maybe it shouldn’t?

I came home from work and got busy. I uploaded new versions of Case of the Missing Body part one and part two, including new covers. This is my YA mystery series written in mini-series chunks. They are quick reads, and fun, so if you haven’t purchased these little reads at .99 cents you are truly missing out. Part three is coming soon!

In fact, let me give you the links because I love these new covers. I would love your opinion.

Case of the Missing Body Part One

Case of the Missing Body Part Two

So I updated both of those and did their covers and printed off my work for critique for my crit partners. I stayed up way late and now feel the after effects. It’s a good thing I worked so diligently too, cuz I won’t be home Thursday night (critique meeting) and I will be out of town on Saturday. Which means I might not get anything done that day toward my goals. Sigh. This is why making these goals is so darn hard. Other things get in the way.

I am trying to be focused on my goals but sometimes it’s just impossible to do more than read a few pages of the book in my TBR stack. So, if the info on my goal attainment is sketchy over the next few days, you know why.

So here’s the latest,

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