Day 8-Critique Night

Day 9 of my 25 Day Challenge (find out why I am doing this here)

Critique night on Day 8-so didn’t get much more than reading a page or two and posting a blog post done toward goals. And the day started out on a low note.

I woke to a flat tire, and had to drive my hubby’s SUV to work. This would have put a serious kink in the evening’s plan to critique if he couldn’t use the spare, which I had no idea about. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him until 1 PM when I took lunch.

He said it had a screw in it and he was at that moment leaving Walmart and going to bring the car to me so I could meet with my ladies for our critique meeting. I sent them an email telling them the evening was saved.

Then, he added, wait, an indicator light has come on on the speedometer. What does that mean? I didn’t know and he couldn’t tell and drive too, so I had to wait another ten minutes until he called me back. It was the oil light. Time for an oil change. But as you already know, ain’t nobody got time for that. WATCH THIS VIDEO TO SEE WHAT I MEAN!

My hubby also noticed my inspection was out so off he went to have that done before coming to me with the car. Did that happen? Nope. Need a windshield first. Can I just say it has been a week like this every day?

I am happy to report that my little car, with oil change light burning, and cracked windshield shining, and I, made it to our critique session and all is okay with the world. But…then again…there is always today.

Writer Groupie=6
Exercise=3 for WALKING THE FLOOR

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  1. You also helped a nut case in your critique group plot out her ghost story and she is really appreciative. 🙂

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