Day 7- one week to go!

Day 7-one week to go

Day 7 of my 25 Day Challenge (find out why I am doing this here)

So, day 7. Down to one week before I am off on writing retreat and this whole challenge ends. And what do you think I did with my day 7? Not a gosh darn thing. Well, nothing on my goal list anyway. I did spend an ginormous amount of time looking at themes for wordpress. What a rabbit hole that was! And instead decided that I love this theme, I just didn’t care for the header. So –I went out and made one of my own. Check it out over on the home page. Or I suspect you could just look up on the top of this page (insert grinning happy face here)

one week
Nemo / Pixabay

If you leave me a comment, I will tell you how to get YOUR very own banner like I did. But first you gotta know the dimensions of your header. And that is about as technical as I will get in this post.

But so far as what I did on day 7– well I didn’t edit, but I did write (blog posts count!) and I did read. I emailed my Writer Groupie response email to a potential victim, er…guest.

I did NOT exercise as it is Halloween and I am too full of bad goodies to move more than my feet over to the other side of this chair. I am really a slug tonight.

So this howl-a-day (cute huh?) ends up thusly:

Writer Groupie=7
Exercise= um…no 3

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