Day 6: Reflecting on nothing

Day 6 of my 25 Day Challenge (find out why I am doing this here)


day 6
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Day 6 of my 25 day challenge. We are on the downhill slide to the grand writer’s retreat now! I am getting very excited. I have great plans for getting some holiday stories together to publish in an anthology form for my readers. It will be awesome! I also am planning on starting edits on the next book in the SD saga. I want to have the three edited books ready to publish one right after the other, and the fourth in the series already in the works. I believe this process will begin in 2015 probably just in time for your summer reading fun.

After this 25 day challenge is over, and in between my Social Media Triage series posts, I will begin building interest for the SD saga. Excerpts, interesting tidbits, images from the book, etc. I hope you will enjoy it and make plans for the pre-order process when it begins. I love these books and think you will too.

About Day 6 (sorry for the detour!) I was out of town on a video shoot. We had some fun way down in Mississippi shooting a wrestling match (the details may well become book 5 of the SD saga!) and I am not gonna lie, I didn’t do much other than read in the car. But I am counting the work load I had as exercise. Believe me, standing still shooting video for hours is HARD WORK. My knees were killing me by the time it was over. And hauling equipment in and out in the freezing cold, yeah, it was exercise. But not much else got done, unfortunately.

I have high hopes for today though, and writing, editing, and Writer Groupie is involved!

So, day 6 ended up looking like this :

writing (I did a blog post yesterday so I am counting that) 14
Writer Groupie=8 (because I did speak with a guy about doing an intro and outgo for the show for me! he was one of the announcers at the match)
exercise = 4

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