Day 5: What day is this?

Day 6 of my 25 Day Challenge (find out why I am doing this here)


So, in case you are trying (as I am!) to figure out when the 25 Day Challenge ends, it will be Thursday morning. I will post my last day of the challenge’s totals on Thursday morning, regardless what day I say it is. For some reason, I think I am off in my calculations (this may be day 4 instead of day 5), so if that turns out to be the case, then by all means, imagine one day as being two, as that may well happen. I never said I was good with math.

Day 5, or Sunday before the challenge, I got little accomplished. I wanted to do more with WG but ran out of time. I had shopping to do and laundry to do since I was out of pocket on Saturday. And also, reading was sort of sketchy as my hubby wanted all my attention at meals so we could discuss how we think the shoot went on Saturday.

Think things were more verbal than anything else yesterday. I talked about writing, and didn’t get much done.

day 5
Nemo / Pixabay

I did do all my edits from my critters on the WIP. That really took over an hour, so I consider that a good quality sit down at the computer. I also emailed them the new stuff, as well as my secret editor. I also walked for about thirty minutes around and around the grocery store. Trying to buy a few things for Thanksgiving dinner early before the rush sets in. By the time I get back from retreat and back to the store, things will be in FULL swing toward the eatin’ season.

Looking at it from the perspective of what I DID get done, versus what I wanted to get done, it wasn’t a total wasted day.

Here is the total:

Writing =15
Reading =15
Writer Groupie=8

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