Day 4: What’s the matter with you?

Day 4 of my 25 Day Challenge (find out why I am doing this here)

day 4
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Okay, so…it was a Monday. Day 4 was a… A MOANDAY. It was a day to end all days. My work load was incredible. I didn’t get to take lunch until 2:30 in the afternoon, so you KNOW it was bad. I had just seated myself before my food and taken a bite when the doctor’s office called with my test results. I had to leave my food and rush back to my desk to get paper and pen because I am trying to keep up with the numbers pertaining to my health.

It wasn’t what I wanted to hear. It was exactly what I expected to hear, but not what I wanted to hear.

So for the next few hours that I was at work, I stewed over the fact that I am dealing with a very despicable disease and I am the only one who can fight it off. It’s like being a superhero. You have the power to fight the enemy but will you? I was in such a foul mood, the receptionist even noted that I was not my usual happy go lucky self. That’s bad, folks.

So, by the time I got off work, I was mad. Mad at the fact that I am going to lose the battle with a disease if I don’t get off my superhero cape and fly. No matter what else I do from this day forward, 25 day challenge or not, I have to eat right and exercise.

If you are like I am, and have health issues that YOU can control, please listen up. Don’t make another excuse. Do not waste another day of this wonderful life we have by doing ALL the wrong things. Eat right and get out and walk for a while. Even if it has to be at Walmart, which is what I do when the weather is bad (when I am being good).

I just haven’t been being good. But no more!

I will say, I had salad for dinner.

As to my goals for the challenge, I didn’t do anymore writing aside from the blog. I did read a couple pages. I didn’t feel happy enough to record a Writer Groupie episode, so today won’t have one. Today, I am licking my wounds from the enemy’s sword, and strapping on my rocket launcher.

I will not be a victim to this mess. Not anymore. So, now I am off to hit the treadmill, and begin my life anew. Today, no one will ask “What’s the matter with you?”

Writer Groupie=8
EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!!! 6! yes!

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