Day 3: I’m all about that…face ’bout that face…no trouble…

Yes, the title to this post is a parody of the song “All about that Bass” as I keep hearing it going on over and over in my head…do not ask me why…I am having a terrible week.

Since we are so far into this challenge, I am not going to post up the linkage to the original post, but you can go and find it by looking through past posts.

Well, here we are…down to day 3. I am about ready to toss in the towel myself. I didn’t get anything done worth even posting about. I spent all day at work and part of the night in the hospital visiting sick folks. No time.

But that is what this challenge has been all about. Making time. Finding time. And it for sure is what going on retreat is all about. And I know that once I am away from my normal routine, mealtimes, work days, news programs on tv, barking dog, hungry hubby, laundry that wants doing, and a myriad of other things, I will get productive.

To be frank, I am having trouble deciding what I want my retreat piece to be. Shall I start a new story? Or edit the next in the SD saga? Should I work on making a collection of Christmas stories for the holiday season? Or work on the third episode of The Case of the Missing Body?

So much to do! SO little time!

So this day ended up being exactly as the last one was–so no big news to share. I had intentions of getting an episode of WG done tonight but as I sit here typing I am getting sleepier sleepier sleep….

Editing = 9
Writing= 17

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