Day 24-Sunday funday

(This post is a part of my 25-Day Challenge which began on Saturday-read the first post here)
Well, I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to for day 24. My hubby had been busy shooting a wedding (he’s a videographer)-and wanted to get out of the house. We went to Harbor Freight, and while he shopped for like 30-45 minutes, I read my book in the car.

I am currently on the last third of Divergent (see my reading list here) – and I am surprised at this book. I didn’t really get into it at first but now? Wow. It’s ending on a high note.

And, we ate out like three times yesterday. I am still full!

Nemo / Pixabay

So for writing/editing progress, there really wasn’t too much. I probably got like two scenes edited on my current WIP and didn’t even write a blog post, (hence why day 24 is now being written on day 23!).

But I did vacuum the office, clean off the desk, go to the grocery store, and read.

That counts, right?

So I am planning on getting at least two scenes edited tonight, but sigh, there is a likely (moderate) risk of storms through early evening and I might get stranded at the office until it passes since it is going to roar through here about rush hour. We will see what happens. I will tell you all about it before bedtime so the next post will be Day 23 and we will be back on track. This challenge thing is hard!!! stay tuned…

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