Day 23-Hanging out with friends

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Well, once again, I have procrastinated myself into doing no work. I came home from work in a torrent of rain clouds and my hubby wanted to go out to dinner. We went out and when we got home, exhaustion set in. Along with a constant rain, that really sort of lulls me to sleep. I got into my PJs fully intent on sitting down at the computer. My dog was really excited to see me and wanted some petting time, so I sat on the couch and comforted her. She is like 13 or 14 years old and while the sweetest doggie in the world, she is quite a handful.
IMG_0543Do not know why my phone pics are all going sideways, sorry to make you tilt your head
Once seated on the couch, I discovered the Big Bang Theory on the CW and decided to watch. Then realized it was Monday which is BBT night for new episodes.

In the end, I watched several episodes of BBT and then part of the new show Jane the Virgin on CW. I say part because sometime before it ended, I fell asleep,

You could say that I spent the evening hanging out with friends. I love BBT and so wholly addicted that it is a miracle I can do anything during the week since it is on cable on a few channels.

All I can say is I hope for better luck today.


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